Magic Baby Doll Bottles Review


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If you’re looking for an engaging and imaginative toy for your little one, the Baby Doll Bottles Accessories Set from Little Additions Store might be just what you need.

This set includes everything a young caregiver needs to take care of their baby doll, from disappearing milk and juice bottles to a bib and pacifier.

One of the standout features of this set is the disappearing liquid in the bottles. My daughter was fascinated by how the milk ‘magically’ disappeared as she fed her baby doll.

The set’s quality is impressive, especially the bottles and the pacifier. Even though the plate and cutlery are on the simpler side, they still add to the fun and educational value of the set.

Inspire Imaginative Play



The Baby Doll Accessories Set, featuring magic bottles, is designed to inspire imaginative play for young children. With a lifelike appearance, these accessories allow children to feed their baby dolls, mimicking real-life activities. The set provides endless entertainment, keeping children engaged as they play the role of a caregiver. This aspect of the product is particularly beneficial for developing social skills and creativity in young minds.

7 Piece Complete Doll Feeding Set



This set includes everything needed to care for a doll, making it a comprehensive option for young caregivers. The set features two disappearing orange juice and milk bottles, a pacifier, an easy-close bib, a plate, a spoon, a fork, and a zippered carry bag. These items are designed to enhance the play experience by providing all necessary tools for feeding and caring for a doll, ensuring that children have a realistic and enjoyable playtime.

Fun and Educational



The Baby Doll Accessories Set is not only fun but also educational. By engaging with these accessories, children can learn about caring and kindness. The set encourages imaginative play, which is crucial for cognitive development and creativity. It provides a platform for children to role-play, helping them understand the responsibilities and joys of caregiving in a playful and interactive manner.

Safe and Convenient BPA-Free



Safety is a top priority with this set, as it is made from BPA-free, kid-safe materials. The absence of harmful chemicals ensures that children can play with these accessories without any health risks. Additionally, the materials are easy to clean and built to last, providing a durable and safe playtime experience. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing with safe and reliable toys.

Great Gift Idea



The Baby Doll Accessories Set makes for a wonderful gift for young girls. Packaged in a gift-able bag, it is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. The set’s comprehensive nature and high-quality materials make it an attractive option for parents and gift-givers. It is sure to bring joy and excitement to any child who loves playing with baby dolls, making it a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

Perfect Size and Realistic Features


Parents and children alike appreciate the perfect size and realistic features of the accessories in this set. The disappearing milk and juice bottles, in particular, enchant children as they mimic real feeding actions. This realistic feature adds a magical touch to playtime, captivating children’s imaginations and enhancing their overall experience with the baby doll set.

Quality and Durability


The quality and durability of the Baby Doll Accessories Set are notable. The bottles are of a good size and feel sturdy in hand, with the milk and juice disappearing features working flawlessly. Although some components like the plate and utensils are on the simpler side, the overall quality of the set is satisfying. The included carry bag adds convenience, making it easy to store and transport the accessories.

Encourages Role-Playing


This set is excellent for encouraging role-playing among young children. By using the accessories to feed and care for their baby dolls, children can develop essential social and emotional skills. Role-playing helps children understand various roles and responsibilities, fostering empathy and nurturing abilities. This aspect of the set is particularly beneficial for holistic child development.

Customer Satisfaction


Customer reviews highlight high satisfaction with the Baby Doll Accessories Set. Many parents and grandparents have noted how much their children and grandchildren enjoy playing with the set. The realistic features, comprehensive accessories, and quality materials contribute to the positive feedback. The set’s ability to keep children entertained and engaged is a common theme in the reviews.

Convenient Storage

The inclusion of a zippered carry bag adds significant value to the Baby Doll Accessories Set. This convenient storage solution ensures that all the pieces are kept together and can be easily transported. The bag helps maintain organization, making it easier for children to take their playset on the go. This feature is particularly appreciated by parents who value tidiness and portability in their children’s toys.


  • Encourages imaginative play with lifelike design
  • Complete 7-piece set for comprehensive play
  • Made from safe, BPA-free materials


  • Divided plates and utensils are on the cheaper side
  • The UPC sticker on the pouch is hard to remove
  • A limited number of reviews are available


Overall, the Baby Doll Accessories Set is a fantastic addition to any child’s toy collection. It not only entertains but also encourages imaginative play and learning.

If you’re searching for a thoughtful and engaging gift for a young child, this set is definitely worth considering. It’s safe, fun, and wonderfully designed to provide hours of playtime.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What does the set include?

Answer: The set includes 2 disappearing juice and milk bottles, a pacifier, an easy-close bib, a plate, a spoon, a fork, and a zippered carry bag.

Question: Is the product safe for children?

Answer: Yes, the product is made from premium-quality, kid-safe, BPA-free materials.

Question: Does the bib fit all baby dolls?

Answer: The bib fits on a 15-inch baby doll and the pacifier fits in M and D dolls.


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