The Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller: Perfect Travel Companion for Busy Parents


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Finding the perfect stroller for travel can be challenging, but the Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller Easy Fold Compact Toddler Stroller might just be the solution. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 11,000 reviews, it has garnered significant positive feedback from parents.

This stroller is designed to be ultra-lightweight and travel-friendly, weighing only 13 lbs. It features a large storage basket, multi-position recline, and a convenient one-hand fold mechanism. Let’s dive into the details and see what makes this stroller a favorite among parents.

One parent shared their enthusiasm for the Kolcraft Cloud Plus, mentioning how it made traveling solo with a toddler much easier. They appreciated the stroller’s lightweight design and easy one-hand fold feature. The ample storage basket and multiple cup holders were also highlighted as convenient additions.

Another reviewer praised the stroller’s performance during a month-long vacation. Despite some initial learning curves, they found it to be sturdy and compact when folded. The stroller handled rough terrain reasonably well, making it a reliable companion for various travel conditions.

Lightweight and Travel-Friendly Design

The Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller: Perfect Travel Companion for Busy Parents
The Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller: Perfect Travel Companion for Busy Parents

The Kolhttps Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller stands out for its ultra-lightweight construction, making it perfect for travel and day trips. Weighing only 12.87 lbs, it is easy to carry and maneuver. This feature is especially beneficial for parents who are always on the go, as it ensures that the stroller is not a burden during trips. Additionally, its compact design allows it to be Disney Size Approved, which is a significant advantage for families planning to visit theme parks.

Extended Canopy and Sun Protection

The Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller: Perfect Travel Companion for Busy Parents
The Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller: Perfect Travel Companion for Busy Parents

One of the key features of this stroller is its three-tier extended canopy, which provides maximum sun coverage. This is crucial for protecting your little one from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities. The canopy also includes a peek-a-boo window, allowing parents to easily check on their baby without disturbing them. This thoughtful design ensures that both the baby and the parent have a comfortable and worry-free experience.

Convenient One-Hand Fold

-The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller offers a convenient one-hand, self-standing fold feature, making it perfect for car travel and vacations. This functionality allows parents to quickly and easily fold the stroller without needing both hands, which is particularly useful when managing multiple tasks or holding a child. The folded dimensions are compact, ensuring that the stroller fits easily into car trunks or storage spaces.

Reclining Seat with Safety Features

-The stroller’s reclining seat is designed with a 5-point safety restraint system, accommodating children up to 50 pounds. While the seat does not recline completely flat, it offers enough comfort for short naps and rest periods. The floor-to-seat distance of 14.5 inches ensures that the child is seated at a comfortable height, making it easier for parents to interact with their baby.

Roomy Storage Options

-Equipped with a large, easy-access storage basket, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller provides ample space for all of your baby’s gear. This feature is particularly useful for parents who need to carry multiple items such as diapers, toys, and snacks. Additionally, the stroller includes a removable child tray with a drink holder, as well as a parent tray that holds two water bottles and offers extra storage space for small items like phones and keys.

Smooth Ride with All-Terrain Wheels stroller is designed with all-terrain wheels and front suspension, ensuring a smooth ride over various surfaces. Whether you are navigating rough pavement or smooth boardwalks, the stroller handles well and provides a comfortable experience for your child. While it is not intended for off-road use, it performs admirably on most urban terrains, making it a versatile choice for different environments.

User Experience and Convenience have praised the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller for its user-friendly design and convenience. The ease of folding and unfolding the stroller, combined with its lightweight build, makes it a popular choice for those who frequently travel or need a reliable stroller for daily use. Despite some minor issues with the size of the cup holders, the overall functionality and practicality of the stroller have received positive feedback.

Durability and Build Quality Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller is noted for its sturdy build quality, ensuring that it can withstand regular use and various terrains. The materials used are durable, and the overall construction feels robust, giving parents confidence in the stroller’s longevity. This durability is a key factor in making the stroller a worthwhile investment, as it can be used for multiple children over the years.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Comfort is a significant consideration for any stroller, and the Kolcraft Cloud Plus does not disappoint. The cushioned seat and adjustable canopy provide a comfortable and protected environment for the child. The ergonomic design also extends to the handlebar, which is comfortable for parents of different heights to push, ensuring that both parent and child have a pleasant experience during outings.

Overall Value for Money

Given its features, build quality, and user-friendly design, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller offers excellent value for money. Priced at $79.99, it provides many of the benefits found in higher-end strollers without the hefty price tag. This combination of affordability and functionality makes it an attractive option for parents seeking a reliable and versatile stroller for everyday use and travel.


  • Ultra-lightweight at only 12.87 lbs, ideal for travel and day trips.
  • The extended canopy provides excellent sun protection with a peek-a-boo window.
  • Convenient one-hand fold, making it perfect for car travel and vacations.


  • The seat does not recline completely flat.
  • Wheels are not as smooth as some other strollers.
  • Cup holders are relatively small, about 2.5 inches.


Overall, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Toddler Stroller is highly recommended for parents seeking a travel-friendly stroller. Its lightweight design, easy folding mechanism, and ample storage make it a practical choice for on-the-go needs.

While there are minor drawbacks, such as the limited recline and smaller cup holders, the positive aspects far outweigh these concerns. For its price point, this stroller offers excellent value and convenience for traveling families.

Questions & Answers:

Question: What is the weight limit for this stroller?

Answer: The stroller can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds.

Question: Does the stroller come with a storage basket?

Answer: Yes, it has a large, easy-access storage basket to hold all of the baby’s gear.

Question: Can the stroller be folded with one hand?

Answer: Yes, the stroller features a convenient one-hand, self-standing fold.


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